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The most accurate website categorization tools for confident Web navigation

Harness unmatched web categorization precision via different consumption models — API, GUI lookup service, and downloadable database — suitable for various business and cybersecurity purposes.

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How to Access Our Web Categorization Intelligence


Determine the category of any domain name on the go using our user-friendly GUI tool. The lookup result is shareable and includes a confidence score for complete transparency.

Website Categorization Lookup | WhoisXML API
Website Categorization API | WhoisXML API


Scale the number of simultaneous queries with Website Categorization API and enable security and business systems to accurately and quickly classify websites.

Website Contacts & Categories Database

Get access to our well-structured and up-to-date categorization database that can also provide details for more than 283 million contacts and counting.

Website Contacts & Categories Database | WhoisXML API

Benefits of Our Website Categorization Tools

  • High Accuracy

    Rely on advanced ML- and NLP-powered algorithms to enable the precise classification of any domain name.

  • Relevant

    Our tools perform live queries, so all data you receive is fresh and relevant.

  • Easily Integrable

    Our web categorization intelligence is consistent, well-parsed, and easily accessible across consumption models.