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The most accurate website categorization tools for confident Web navigation

Harness unmatched web categorization precision via different consumption models — API, GUI lookup service, and downloadable database — suitable for various business and cybersecurity purposes.

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How to Access Our Web Categorization Intelligence


Determine the category of any domain name on the go using our user-friendly GUI tool. The lookup result is shareable and includes a confidence score for complete transparency.

Website Categorization Lookup | WhoisXML API
Website Categorization API | WhoisXML API


Scale the number of simultaneous queries with Website Categorization API and enable security and business systems to accurately and quickly classify websites.

Website Categorization Database

Get early access to our up-to-date website categorization database.

Website Categorization Database | WhoisXML API

Benefits of Our Website Categorization Tools

  • High Accuracy

    Rely on advanced ML- and NLP-powered algorithms to enable the precise classification of any domain name.

  • Relevant

    Our tools perform live queries, so all data you receive is fresh and relevant.

  • Easily Integrable

    Our web categorization intelligence is consistent, well-parsed, and easily accessible across consumption models.