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#1 Website categorization tools to check the categories of a domain

Our Website Categorization intelligence is comprehensive and available via different consumption models. Our data is refreshed daily and covers 150+ million websites, all classified as to the top categories they fall into.

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229 Million+Websites parsed
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Our web & domain categorization product line includes:


Identify what top Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) categories a given domain name belongs to, as well as associated confidence scores for the categorization, with this handy GUI tool.

Website Categorization Lookup | WhoisXML API
Website Categorization API | WhoisXML API


Our Website Categorization API supplements existing systems and products in need of capabilities to analyze a website’s content and meta tags, then assign IAB categories with corresponding confidence scores to it.

Website Contacts & Categories Database

Get access to our well-structured and up-to-date categorization database that can also provide details for more than 283 million contacts and counting.

Website Contacts & Categories Database | WhoisXML API

Benefits of our website classification tools

  • Relevant

    Our web crawlers and ML algorithms parse more than 4 million websites every day, so all data remains fresh and relevant.

  • Compatible

    Our Website Categorization API can function as a web filter or be integrated into other systems. Website categorization data can also be used with the Domain Research Suite to obtain comprehensive domain intelligence, including WHOIS ownership and contact details.

  • Precise

    Our website categorization API and GUI tool support over 500 categories and counting. We use NLP algorithms to ensure that the categorization process is accurate and aligned with the IAB standards, including specific IAB category identification numbers and confidence scores.

Website Categorization | WhoisXML API

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