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Accurately classify any domain name with Website Categorization API

Leverage accurate and up-to-date web categorization data obtained via modern web classification techniques like NLP and ML for more effective, faster, and data-driven cybersecurity, marketing, and business decisions.

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Benefits of Our Website Categorization API

  • Granular

    We support the 500+ categories identified by the IAB. Results also reflect each category’s IAB identification number and corresponding confidence scores.

  • Fresh

    Our API performs live queries, so all data you receive is updated and relevant.

  • Consistent Output

    Save time and resources with well-parsed and easy-to-integrate API outputs in JSON format.

Practical Usage

Mitigate Online Threats

Accurately identify and avoid websites used in phishing, fraud, spam, and other malicious activities. Website Categorization API provides accurate and up-to-date website intelligence and detects signs of malice.

Implement Web Filtering

Filter and block access to prohibited websites at work to boost employee productivity and comply with web usage policies using Website Categorization API. Supplement parental control systems by blocking specific web content or safelisting kid-friendly websites.

Augment Endpoint Security

Monitor and analyze user access logs and browsing behaviors across endpoints and determine frequently visited websites to gain in-depth insights when formulating endpoint security strategies.

Enrich Marketing and Advertising Activities

Use precise website categorization to support online advertising strategies and business-to-business (B2B) marketing contact enrichment and segmentation.

Website Categorization API

Website Contacts & Categories Database

Get access to a daily updated, well-structured database of domains classified into 25 different categories with their owners’ contact information. Our Website Contacts & Categories Database continues to grow as we parse more than 4 million websites daily.

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Website Categorization API

Get 100 free API requests. No credit card required.

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