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Website Categorization Lookup: Quickly Check the Top Categories of a Domain

Identify the main categories a domain name falls under based on the content and meta tags of the website it hosts. Test Website Categorization Lookup now. Download our product sheet to learn more.

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What is a website category lookup?

A website category lookup is a web service used to determine the categories of a domain name. Domains are classified using a combination of machine learning (ML) and human inspection. Our web crawlers collect and organize website content, which ML algorithms then examine and categorize. Human experts verify the results.

What Is a Website Categorization Lookup?

Why Use Website Classification Lookup?

  • Easy-to-Use Interface

    Website Categorization Lookup doesn’t complicate things. Just type the domain name into the input box to retrieve the top categories the website it hosts falls under based on IAB standards.

  • Easy-to-Share Reports

    Each Website Categorization Lookup report comes with its custom URL that you can share with your colleagues.

  • Precise and Relevant Results

    The tool supports 500+ IAB categories. We provide two tiers for each result and cite the IAB standard identification numbers with confidence ratings, too.

Practical usage

Give context to content filtering and malware protection

Give context to content filtering and malware protection

  • Malware often reside in domains that belong to non-work-related categories. Check domain names used by unknown parties to protect your network and block those that belong to unwanted categories.
  • Try Website Categorization Lookup before integrating Website Categorization API into your URL filtering system.

Boost threat hunting strategies

  • Check the IP addresses and domains that frequently visit your website with Website Categorization Lookup in combination with other investigative lookup tools such as Reverse IP/DNS Lookup and Website Contacts Lookup.
  • Investigate the domain of a suspicious email and find out what category it belongs to. Scan your network logs for domains that fall under the same category. Threat actors could be launching simultaneous attacks using multiple domains.
Boost Threat Hunting Strategies
Take brand protection and marketing to the next level

Take brand protection and marketing to the next level

  • Monitor the categories your website belongs to and avoid the potential reputational damage that comes due to associations with unwanted groups.
  • Monitor your subscribers and run their email domains on Website Categorization Lookup. Categorize them into different groups for targeting purposes as part of your marketing efforts.
Website Categorization Lookup

Check our Website Contacts & Categories Database

All accessible information via Website Categorization Lookup and more is available in the form of a database containing 150M+ websites in total with daily updates.

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Our APIs are available in an enhanced version that offers better performance with a dedicated load balancer and a premium endpoint to enable faster throttling for large-scale API deployments.

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Enterprise API Packages

Website Categorization Intelligence is also available in API form as part of our enterprise API packages. Our enterprise solutions offer flexibility for more effective business planning and product integration.

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