Website Categorization Database | WhoisXML API

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Our website categorization database is…

  • Accurate

    Our advanced AI and ML algorithms will provide confidence scores for identified website categories to guide decision-making.

  • Extensive

    The database will cover millions of websites, be updated daily to deliver fresh insights, and be available in different formats.

  • Detailed

    Enrich various business and security processes with additional output domain fields.

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Practical usage of web categorization

Enhance Web Filtering

Enhance Web Filtering

Implement accurate and targeted web filtering by blocking access to unsafe websites. Correlate website categories with their domain’s WHOIS creation dates and locations to detect websites possibly connected to malicious AS numbers or located in offshore countries.

Market Research and Business Insight Gathering

Determine which industries or companies are dominating in terms of online traffic in a certain region by analyzing the pertinent details of websites under a given category, including their country and AS details.

Market Research and Business Insight Gathering
Website Categorization Database | WhoisXML API

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