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#1 website categorization database with 80+ web categories

We provide a well-structured database of domain names classified into 80 different categories. Data is processed by a machine learning (ML) engine that scans the websites’ content and retrieves their meta tags. Categories are then assigned to each website using natural language processing (NLP).

230 Million+Websites parsed
4 Million+Websites parsed daily
52,000+Satisfied customers

Our website categorization database is:

  • Precise and relevant

    Our web crawlers use a combination of advanced ML algorithms and human assistance to parse web pages.

  • Consolidated and coherent

    All of the information we provide is well-parsed and normalized to a consistent format for easy integration into business processes. Get both parsed and raw data via a database download in MySQL and comma-separated values (CSV) files.

  • Easy to correlate

    You can also combine Website Categorization Database with our WHOIS Database Download to obtain WHOIS records containing contact information, registrant details, and more for any domain under all 80 categories.

Practical usage of web categorization

Enhance marketing campaigns

Enhance marketing campaigns

  • Identify profitable opportunities. Generate and qualify leads based on your top-performing customer profiles.
  • Gain business intelligence, develop marketing apps, and know your customers better.
  • Easily assess the contents of a page and gain context into featured brands, topics, or keywords. Our database serves as a source of data for targeting the right audiences and effectively monetizing campaigns.

Brand protection and risk management

  • Prevent potential damage to your brand image by monitoring references in unwanted categories. Ensure media placements are always aligned with your brand image.
  • Scrutinize potential partners, suppliers, or random visitors to reduce risks and alleviate fraud.
  • Investigate potential threat sources by checking if domain names have ties to malware, phishing, fraud, and other threats.
Brand protection and risk management
Web filtering and access blocking

Web filtering and access blocking

  • Website categorization provides you with a quicker way to deal with Internet filtering and subscriber analytics while preventing fraud. You will be able to promptly block suspicious content that may arise in your application, device, appliance, or corporate network. Simply check our database for a domain name and deny access if its categories do not fit in with your business policies.
  • We offer you a flexible and scalable ML engine-based solution for practically any and every scenario that meets a range of objectives for an individual business to an enterprise.

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Website Categorization Database | WhoisXML API

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