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What Is a Website Category Lookup?

A website category lookup is an online service that identifies a specific domain name’s category. It utilizes various technologies like ML and NLP combined with human validation to analyze the content and characteristics of a site. By examining factors like keywords, structure, and other indicators, the lookup tool determines the domain’s appropriate category.

What Is a Website Categorization Lookup?

Benefits of Our Website Categorization Lookup

  • Fast and Accurate Results

    Obtain the most relevant category of any website within seconds along with Autonomous System details and the domain's WHOIS record creation date. Website Categorization Lookup uses advanced algorithms to provide rapid and accurate results with assigned confidence scores.

  • Easy-to-Use and Shareable Results

    Simply enter the domain name into the input box to determine its category. The result’s URL can be copied and shared with colleagues for reference.

Practical usage

Strengthen Web Filtering Systems

Strengthen Web Filtering Systems

Enforce workplace web usage policies and prevent access to inappropriate or harmful content at home using a fast and accurate website categorization lookup service.

Support Marketing Decisions

Enrich business-to-business (B2B) customer segmentation and marketing with precise site categories for more effective and data-driven digital campaigns and advertising efforts.

Support Marketing Decisions
Website Categorization Lookup

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Premium API Services

Our APIs are available in an enhanced version that offers better performance with a dedicated load balancer and a premium endpoint to enable faster throttling for large-scale API deployments.

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Enterprise API Packages

Website Categorization Intelligence is also available in API form as part of our enterprise API packages. Our enterprise solutions offer flexibility for more effective business planning and product integration.

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